Put Rooftop Solar on the Ballot in Nevada

January 29th, 2016

Last December, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUC) passed anti-solar rules that destroyed the rooftop solar industry in America’s sunniest state. The rules eliminated Nevadans’ choice to go solar, imposed massive new fees on existing customers, and has already cost the state hundreds of jobs, with thousands more Nevadans facing layoffs in the coming months. Moreover, they undermine state policies and incentives that encouraged customers to go solar, created thousands of jobs, and made Nevada a national leader in clean energy. The PUC’s rules are unfair, they have damaged Nevada’s business-friendly reputation, and they only benefit the State’s monopoly utility, NV Energy. 

The PUC’s new rules allow NV Energy to take clean electricity from solar customers and sell it to their neighbors at a 300% markup. They also force solar customers to pay monthly fees200% higher than other customers. That’s just wrong. NV Energy should not be allowed to take our electricity without fair compensation.

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Robco Electric will be celebrating 20 years of business in Nevada.  We entered into the Solar Market to help our company when new construction was slow.  Since the recent PUC decision, Solar Sales have virtually stopped and we have had to lay off members of our solar division.  We have had dozens of calls from old and new customers wondering what they can do to help. Robco is committed to support all efforts to help bring our Solar Business back to life so that we can hire back our dedicated Nevada workers.