Professional, Affordable and Elite Solar Power Services in Las Vegas

The main focus of our business at Robco Electric, a leader in Green Source Energy, is to serve the emerging client demand for conservation of energy resources and providing the best possible design and solar installation services specifically in Solar Photovoltaics (PV Solar Electric Systems).

While Las Vegas Solar is our specialty, we endeavor to provide a wide range of supportive services that are part of the bigger picture of energy independence.  Solar PV has made significant strides over the past 5 years:

  • The cost for solar PV systems has dropped dramatically, over 60% since 2009
  • The associated payback is significantly shorter, from 15-20 years to currently 6< years
  • We have reached a tipping point where there is much greater awareness of environmental issues and a greater by-in and acceptance of the need for energy independence
  • The technology has significantly improved with breakthroughs like micro-inverter technology
  • The PV business in the US has grown over 67% over last year
  • Over 100,000 Americans are currently are full-time employed in the Solar Industry

Low Hanging Fruit – Home Energy Efficiency Improvements

Although the price of an installed PV System has lowered, it is still a relatively expensive proposition.  Prior to the installation of a solar PV system we strongly recommend to all our clients that they conduct a thorough energy audit of their property so that they can lower their energy consumption through conservation before going solar.

An energy-efficient Las Vegas home will keep your family comfortable while saving you money. Whether you take simple steps or make larger investments to make your home more efficient, you’ll see lower energy bills. Over time, those savings will typically pay for the cost of improvements and put money back in your pocket. Your home may also be more attractive to buyers when you sell.

The 113 million residences in America today collectively use an estimated 22% of the country’s energy. Unfortunately, a lot of energy is wasted through leaky windows or ducts, old appliances, or inefficient heating and cooling systems. When we waste energy in our homes, we are throwing away money that could be used for other things. The typical U.S. family spends at least $2,000 a year on home utility bills. You can lower this amount by up to 25% by making a few simple improvements to your home.

The key to these savings is to take a whole-house approach—by viewing your home as an energy system with interdependent parts. For example, your heating system is not just a furnace—it’s a heat-delivery system that starts at the furnace and delivers heat throughout your home using a network of ducts. Even a top-of-the-line, energy-efficient furnace will waste a lot of fuel if the ducts, walls, attic, windows, and doors are leaky or poorly insulated. Taking a whole-house approach to saving energy ensures that dollars you invest in a solar electric system are going to be spent wisely.

One of our strategic clients, Building Resource Limited, can conduct a full energy audit of your home prior to the finalization of the design of your solar PV system.  Through the identification of leaky windows, doors and ducts; inefficient appliances; alternative lighting systems – we can reduce your energy requirements and design a smaller and more cost effective PV system.

Investing in Solar – When the time is right for you

We at Robco Electric, a leader in Green Source Energy, strive to keep up with the latest technologies in the solar electric industry.  Teaching classes at The College of Southern Nevada and at Associated Builders and Contractors help us keep abreast of new breakthroughs in technology as well as the latest developments in legislation affecting renewable energy in Nevada and the world.  We regularly attend meetings at the Public Utilities Commission and have supported lobbying efforts in behalf of the Solar Energy Industry to the Nevada Legislature.

We specialize in solar PV because we believe that this technology is the most practical renewable alternative for most homeowners in our Las Vegas area:

  • Southern Nevada has some of the highest levels of Solar irradiance (clear sunny days) in the Northern Hemisphere
  • Distributed energy is more efficient than centralized power production.  If we install solar systems on our roofs we will save considerable line-loss by using the electricity right where we make it.  Approximately 27% of our electricity is lost in transmission from far-away.
  • We have net metering in Nevada.  This means that we get credited for the electricity we make from solar at the same cost basis that we pay for it.  No matter how much the rate may rise, our home solar production will keep pace.
  • The technology is tried and true.  Silicon-based solar PV systems have been around for 50 years and used in just about every NASA project since 1958.
  • We can easily retrofit a solar system on almost any home or property with the right exposure.
  • Additional income to the homeowner installing a solar system may be available

Related Services

We strive to be the best at what we do and what we do best is installing solar panels in Las Vegas homes.  We have a combined experience of some 50 years in electric systems and as solar contractors in Las Vegas.  We also want to provide you with a wide range of associated renewable energy services and have done this by creating strategic business and personal relationships with other companies who have similar values and track records such as our own and who are in their own right, experts in a related technology.  Simply give us a call at 702-614-4900, and we will gladly refer to a professional expert we have successfully worked with.

Summary of Las Vegas Solar Services

  • Solar PV Design and Engineering
  • Solar PV Equipment
  • Solar PV Installation
  • Solar Module Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Solar Patio Covers
  • Solar Weather Monitoring