Solar: Grandfathered or Not

October 26th, 2016

All Net Metering Applications submitted to NVEnergy prior to 2016 are considered “grandfathered” into the previous more favorable rate structure.  This includes any solar owner that had a solar system activated prior to 2016 and perhaps even a few that had their systems installed since.  There are also several applications that had been submitted prior to 2016 that haven’t yet had solar systems installed.  These solar systems would also qualify for the grandfathered rates.

The grandfathered rate structure gives customers 100% value exchange for all electricity going to or from the utility grid.  This is far better than the approximately 82% value exchange of the new rate structure that diminishes every three years ultimately ending with about 26% value exchange.  In other words, the value of the electricity sent back to the utility becomes worth less and less every three years under the new rates.  The grandfathered rates don’t lose any value for the next 20 years.

Help is on the way as energy storage solutions are on the horizon.  Battery systems may be the solution that circumvents the new regulations so future solar customers can enjoy similar savings as grandfathered customers.  Since the new rates diminish every three years there is still time to save money with the current rates and implement batteries when they become available.
To get more information about net meter grandfathering click here.

Robco Electric welcomes new customers, many of them referred by our existing customers, who are still interested in going solar to save money on their utility bill each month, if not just for the sake of doing something good for the environment.  We have many folks moving here from out of state that find us online or read our reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List. Many of them had a solar system on their previous home, and it makes sense for them to power their new home with southern Nevada’s abundance of sun.
Another motivation has been the extension of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which is a tax credit that reimburses you for 30% of the contracted cost of the solar system.  This credit is also available for the installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations.

While grandfathering is a step in the right direction, it mostly affects existing solar owners.  Robco Electric and allies are still working toward returning the net metering rules back so it is fair for all residents moving forward.  Its election season, so make sure to ask the local and state candidates running in the November election about their position on Solar and Net Metering here in Nevada.
Organizations such as Bring Back Solar and Energy Choice Initiative are supporting Vote “YES” On Question 3 which “will help expand solar and clean energy technologies in the state, while creating thousands of new jobs (again), lowering utility costs, improving public health, and expanding consumer choice.”

Robco Electric has been a licensed Nevada Electrical Contractor since 1997.  As a family owned company, we strive to provide quality service and 100% satisfaction in all three departments: Solar PV, Electrical, and Low Voltage. We go to great lengths to educate our customers so they have a complete understanding of their investment.  At Robco “Solar is Still Alive,” maybe not at the volume we’ve seen in recent years, but we are installing Solar PV Systems, “Grandfathered or Not!”